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Yeah... I'm Shameless.... but for a good cause!

As part of our upcoming Day on the Bay Regatta we are selling boat rides, having a silent auction, sponsoring a sailboat race.... and Selling Raffle Tickets!

Yup. For $10 bucks you can support Big Brothers Big Sisters and be eligible for one of the donated prizes.

Buy five... get one free!

If you can't purchase a raffle ticket, feel free to pass the message along to others. I'm trying to sell 50 and thus reign supreme in the office ticket selling contest.

Some of the possible prizes are on the attached flier and include:

Two Performance Tickets to

Beach Blanket Babylon

Seagate Free Agent “Go” Portable Drive Auto Backup & Sync Software

Digital Speaker System for Ipod from Altec Lansing

Two Mansion Tours at the Winchester Mystery House

$50 Gift Card to Hindquarter Bar & Grille

$20 Gift Certificate to The Crepe Place

Couples Relaxation Special at Well Within

$100 Gift Certificate to The Literary Guillotine

$50 Gift Certificate for Cooking Class/Wellness Lecture at New Leaf

$25 Gift Certificate to Gabriella Café

$25 Gift Certificate to Zuniga’s Mexican Food

$25 Gift Card to Coffee Cat

$25 Gift Certificate to Staff of Life

$25 Gift Certificate at Aquablue

$25 Gift Certificate (Two Black Box Entrées) at Carried Away

$25 Gift Certificate Nob Hill

$25 Gift Certificate to Safeway

Laptop Case from Seagate

Plantronics Gaming Headset

$20 Gift Certificate Asana Tea Café

One Large Pizza at Pizza My Heart

$20 Gift Certificate at Palace Art and Office Supply

$20 Gift Certificate to Coffeetopia

One dozen Cookies from Pacific Cookie Company

$25 iTunes Gift Card

Body Board from Blown-Out Wet Suit Repair

And many more....

Let me know if you are interested in purchasing or helping me sell 'em!

All proceeds benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Santa Cruz County

Thank you in advance!


Ever have one of those moments where you kind of take a breath and go “okay…. Things are going to be okay.”

True there is potential job/work drama that might (might) result in the need tomove or change lives in some big way. True the house feels mighty empty without Missy May. True, money is tighter than desired. True, there are still big decisions to make and choices to consider.

But this weekend I realized that despite all that, things are really going okay.

Friday night was youtube videos and home cooked food until the wee hours of the night.
On Saturday we cleaned and Matthew worked. (Working from home is a vast improvement to him working at the office on the weekends.) We ran some errands, started the huge project of cleaning out the storage facility, donated stuff to Good Will, and then went out for ice cream.

Saturday night found us at a friend’s house for a BBQ and then some exciting table top role playing where both of our characters died horribly but were highly entertaining, which is what really counts.

Sunday it was off to the Skeptics brunch in an adorable blink-and-you’ll-miss-it little café that makes amazing chocolate chip fudge cookie sandwiches. Visiting with friends and enjoying the sunshine was insanely relaxing.

Sunday afternoon we went for a long meandering walk and talked about morality, kids, and life in general. A brief beak at home for some balcony serenading (Matthew plays the guitar, did you know that?) and then he worked and I went to the Abraham Verghese author reading where I was amazed by this author, enjoyed the company of good friends, and even got my photo taken and book signed.

Then it was more down time at home and at last bed.

The weekend couldn’t have gone better.

Was there a point to his blog post? No… I just want to remember weekends, moments, like this. I have always had this sense of how fragile happiness is, of how quickly things can change, of how everything is in process of transition… and it bears taking a moment to really stop and value what you have.

I hope you all have moments, or series of moments, like this to recall with fondness.

Patron Saint of Liars

Patron Saint of Liars

For anyone who has ever wondered about the complexities of self awareness…. For anyone who has a strained mother/daughter relationship… for anyone who has waited for a sign from God…. Anne Patchet has written Patron Saint of Liars for you.

The book tells the story, in three parts with three connected narrators, of Rose a pregnant woman who leaves her first husband, Son, her second husband and chosen father of her daughter, and Ceclie, the unwanted but much loved daughter who is raised partly by a Catholic home for unwed mothers.

At its core, it is a story of love and how love can be difficult to give and sometimes even more difficult to receive. The characters are vivid and real. The pace is perfect., but perhaps the best part of the book is the subtle lesson it teaches about perspective.

For the first third, we are in Rose’s head as she leaves her husband and drives herself to the Catholic home for unwed mothers. Although she sounds like an unsympathetic character, she isn’t. Her pain and frustration are understandable, at least on the surface, and we are rooting for her and her untapped potential.

But then things change. The second portion is Son’s voice and it is his responses to Rose, now totally cut off from the reader in terms of emotion, that we identify with. We, as son… and especially later as Cecile, don’t understand Roses’ actions. We can’t even begin to comprehend her because we aren’t her anymore. we are the oribitng planets that revolve around her.

If there was ever a subtext about accepting that you don’t know a person until you have walked in their shoes (or, to be more precise, lived in their narration head) it is in this book and it is done beautifully.

Again, Patron Saint of Liars tells an interesting story that speaks to every woman who might feel alienated from her mother… or herself. Well written and strangely intimae, this book will stay with you.

Missing Missy

I guess I need to write what happened to Missy.

Don’t worry. I’ll be brief.

On Thursday, The Maifan-San and I took Missy to the vet and were told that she was really really sick. She was down to five pounds, she was pale, she was cold. She was very near the end. The vet was very compassionate but very clear. Missy May was going to die, and soon. How she went though, was up to us.

I knew we couldn’t take her home and watch her die. We couldn’t allow ourselves another night with her, that wouldn’t help her at all… it would just prolong it.

And I couldn’t conceive of just waiting… not knowing how much pain she was in, running the risk that she would die scared and in pain, alone.

We held her, petting her and saying loving things, while she went to sleep for the last time.

She doesn’t have to miss us.

But we miss her terribly.

I know we did the right thing, the humane thing. But my heart is still hurting.

Good bye Missy May. You were a wonderful pet, a wonderful little friend.

Thank you

Missy May

The cat is sort of sick.

Or rather, the cat is showing her age. She isn’t throwing up, she isn’t hiding… but she isn’t eating all that much and her joints have gotten stiff.

She is, however, still her friendly little self. She loves chicken, sitting on laps, and being the center of attention.

She made many friends at our recent 4th of July BBQ and has even worked her magic on the Maifan-San.

She is old, 15, and I know she won’t be around forever, but I am so glad that she has been here as long as she has. She is a wonderful little furry companion and I love her dearly.