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Double The Meat

A while ago my friend Sasha (who was kind enough to talk up my book on his cocktail podcast a while ago as well as create a drink just for me called the Special Kay) put out a tweet that was a basic call out to see if there were any women out there who self describe as “chubby chasers.”

I wrote in saying that I would never use that phrase to describe myself, but I do tend to be drawn to guys who are bigger. Taller. Rounder. Bigger.

Call it a personal preference, call it a desire to feel small, call it wanting to make sure no one gets broken in the bedroom, but there you go.

Apparently this preference as well as my brilliant spin as a writer (coughREALLYcough), my gamer/geek cred, and the fact that Sash likes me was enough to get me invited to be a guest on his other podcast: Double Meat Podcast.

The Double Meat Podcast is not for the faint of heart or the delicate of ears… but it is a lot of fun to listen to and it was a blast to be on. Check it out the next time you want something awesome for your ears.

Here’s the link!

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