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I don't like the default position.

In fact, I will go into the setting for things like my phone, my computer, etc and change things just so as to avoid the whole default position idea.

I don’t like it on computers… but I hate it on people.

The default position says that we all start off the same and then sometimes change but that it is safe to assume that we won’t mind if someone uses the default position in order to judge who and what we are.

The default position says it is okay to assume that people are straight until proven otherwise.
The default position says that if you are overweight, you are unhappy about your body.
The default position says that if you are a woman you love chocolate.
The default position says that if you are a man, you don’t know how to clean the toilet.
The default position says that if you don’t have kids, you won’t mind working late.

The default position is crap.

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