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Me Again!


Wow. It’s been a month. Lots of stuff happened.

Ever have one of those things that you need or want to do but you keep getting distracted or for some reason it doesn’t feel like the right time and the longer you put it off the worse it gets?

Like calling a long lost friend.
Or doing the dishes.
Or starting that diet.
Or going back to the gym.
Or editing that short story.

Or updating your blog.


Enough is enough. Time to get back into it. Rawr!

Coming Soon: (not necessarily in this order, and honestly, not necessarily at all.. like so many things in life, it all depends.)

NOW and Gay Rights
Volunteering for Love and No-Money
Bowling and Event Planning Without Bumpers
How Not To Market Your Book
What it means when it means nothing at all
Comparing your partner to a trucker and other not so romantic ways to say I love you.
Double The Meat
Being the Not-Exactly-Straight, Straight Girl
Reviewing Reviews

And much much more!

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