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Is it me….? Epilogue

So the guy, Gino, called met at work yesterday and asked when I would be home so that he could come by and get his box.

My hesitation on the phone was palpable.

I asked him if I could just take the box to UPS… again, this seems like the best plan. He told me that UPS wouldn’t let me just drop off the box. (I sort of think they would have a hard time stopping me if I walked in, set it down, and then walked out, but whatever.)

Then he asked me what was in it. I pointed out that I hadn’t looked, but that it felt like paperwork.

His compromise; that I leave the box on the stairs and he would come get it. Fine, I said. I would put it on the stairs when I got home. When would that be? Well, I couldn’t really say. (I didn’t want to say… it was likely to be late.)

His next plan was that I text him with the UPS tracking number so that he could find out what was in the box.

Feeling pretty weirded out by this point and trying to, you know, work since it was the middle of the day, I agreed.

Last night I texted him and then he promptly requested that since I was home that I take it outside and leave on the stairs. Fine.

Bah. The whole thing is weird.

The Man, by the way, was pretty upset (and rightfully so) that my personal number had been given out to a stranger. He is well aware of my history of stalkers and he also felt strongly that the whole thing smacked of unethical action. So he left a voice mail of his own at the company line last night. Harsh language was used. I doubt they will be making that mistake again.

End result: The box had disappeared from the stairs as of this morning. Also, I might be less likely to try to be helpful the next time something like this happens.

Which is sort of sad, but true.


me said...

It could have ended up like some kind of movie thriller, or "Date Night," where the box contained some kind of secret documents proving that Jesus had been married or there was a code on the back of the US Constitution, or you were mistaken for someone with similar features who was scheduled to receive a package from the same courier... Kind of boring to just say "the box had disappeared!" )-;

I want a dramatic conclusion (besides "The Man" using harsh language).


A dissatisfied reader/subscriber [not really!]

me said...

"me" = Jeff R., in case u were wondering

Kaylia said...

It was very harsh :P

If this was a short story, I would have made it more dramatic... but alas, real life is sometimes just annoying.

And thanks for telling me who "me" was :)

LizzGee said...

I would have dropped it off at the UPS store. It is not your issue to deal with. :P Or hell, even given it to your apt complex manger if they hold packages for residents.

Anonymous said...

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