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Cheap, Fast, and Not Half Bad. Kinda like me!

I am hooked on gas station coffee.

I can’t help it. $1.49 and the French Vanilla stuff is soooo good.

I know this means that certain coffee elite friends worry about my soul. I know this means that my parents might disown me. I know this goes against my Silicon Valley Coffee background…. I was raised on Gloria Jeans. As a family, we made the transition to Starbucks and never looked back. I have a frequent buyer card for both local owned shops (Mr. Toots, Santa Cruz Coffee Roasters) and also local chains (LuLu at the Octagon, Carpenters, the Capitola Book Café coffee shop, even the Coffee Cat.) I am not above visiting Pete’s or, when it was there, Bad Ass Coffee. Heck, I even swallow my anti-churchiness and go to the Abby!

But that was before the gas station.

It is practically next door to my office.
While there I am not tempted by yummy pastries or delightful music CDs.

I can mix my French Vanilla with Hot Chocolate and then add a dash of mocha for fun.

You know what? For brown flavored water, it isn’t that bad. It does the job.

And it isn’t like I have no standards. I mean, I draw the line somewhere.

Its not like I am drinking IHop coffee.

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