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Yesterday I mailed books to my nieces because I think reading is one of the best uses of one’s time.

Yesterday I bought a new red sparkly dice set not because I am superstitious enough to think that they might help my rolls, but because they were red and sparkly.

Yesterday I didn’t eat anything but a personal pepperoni and sausage pizza because I was too busy and then it was too late and then I was too tired.

Yesterday I did my taxes for the second time all by myself because I decided a year ago to stop relying on someone else to do something for me that I can do myself.

Yesterday I paid a girl to clean my old apartment because despite the entry above, sometimes it is nice to not have to do it yourself.

Yesterday I let my shoulders get just a tad sunburnt because I am trying to get my pale skin used to the sunshine in stages.

Yesterday I realized again how very sweet my boyfriend is because he opted to stay in the field an extra day in order to help make someone else’s life a little easier.

Yesterday I was reminded about how special sisters can be because I have a few honorary sister types who treat me pretty darn well.

Yesterday I returned a video to the store because I didn’t want a late fee.

Yesterday I didn’t eat a doughnut even though they smelled so good because I am practicing self restraint.

Yesterday I let one of my honeydew candles burn all the way down to the bottom because I wanted to use the candle holder for something else.

Yesterday I played with the cat for a full half an hour because I had the time and she needed the attention.

Yesterday I was happy. The because should be obvious.

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myrelish said...

I love this post.
What a beautiful way to capture a normal(ish) day.