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Part Four

Part Four should be the end. Or rather, to be technical, the end of this particular series of annoying events.

More waiting.

Distractions of social events. And moving.

More waiting.

Eventually I am told that I can start the new birth control without first having my now three week late period. Or rather, to be technical, I don’t have to wait for anything. They are finally sure, after test after test and some intimate calendaring, that I am not pregnant.

An antibiotic for potential thyroid issues. A reassuring pat on the back.

Ok then… I figure I’ll start the new stuff on a Sunday. Clean start. Beginning of the week. I pat my purse reassuringly. I have been carrying the new birth control around in my purse for now almost three weeks because I don’t want to lose it.

Of course on Sunday, it comes up lost. Or rather, to be technical… it cannot be found. I empty out my purse. I empty out my backpack I go through the trash. I go through the one remaining box of Matthew Stuff. I tear apart the bathroom. I look in every nook and cranny I can think of.

No dice.

(Or rather, to be technical, lots of dice,we are gamers after all). No birth control.

I call the pharmacy. Insurance won’t cover me getting more so soon after getting the last pack. (Because… well, no good reason from this angle.)

I have to buy it without the insurance discount, without it getting credited toward a deductible. I don’t care. I pick it up, I read the instructions, I try to ignore the long list of possible complications and side affects.

And then today, I find the pack.

It was in my purse.

Or rather, to be technical, it was in my day planner that was in my purse.

Le sigh.

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