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Things I won’t miss about my old apartment:

The Mold
Random piles of puke on the sidewalk next to my bedroom window
Drunken Coeds stumbling up the street at all hours of the night
The inability to get hot water for longer than 3.5 minutes. (seriously, I haven’t had an actual regular 10 minute hot shower since last April.)
The door bell that wants to be a New Year’s Noise Maker
The lack of a garbage disposal
The lack of a place to recycle

Things I will miss about my old apartment:

The location

All in all, the move will be a good thing. First though… is the massive packing project… which due to unfortunate events, I will be undertaking all by myself as the lovely MaifanSan will be out of town for 20 days in March.

Things I am looking forward to having in the new apartment:

Having our own parking spot
Living in Unit #42
A laundry room with more than one washer/dryer.
A quieter neighborhood
Being upstairs with a balcony.
Nesting with The MaifanSan in “our” first apartment.

Things I am not looking forward to in the new apartment:


Give it a few months and I might want to redo these lists, but for now I am clinging to my usual sense of idealistic optimism.

Happy March!

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Unknown Mami said...

Wishing you much happiness in your new home and no mold.