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Lost and Found

Things I lost and found in the move.

Spare key to the office storage room
Half a dozen cat toys
My apple peeler/corer/slicer.
Matthew’s slippers
My Summer Clothes!

Matthew’s W2
Our kitchen trash can
A few Doo-Dads (aka, shelf holder uppers)
The new parking pass

All in all I think we did okay. We are all moved in. We still need to decorate, but the furniture is all set up (except the futon which will arrive on Sunday) and there aren’t anymore boxes that need to be opened up.

Next huge project? Organizing the books.

Oh… and I LOVE our new apartment! Looking forward to our first Open House shin dig thing in April!

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myrelish said...

I know that there is probably something wrong with me but I LOVE moving. I am glad your move went well and that you enjoy your new home.