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Happy Nerd Appreciation Day (not really)

I love nerds.
And geeks.
And all odd balls.

So, in honor of all that and the fact that it is Thursday....

... and that the internet turns 40 today.

NASA + Felicia Day = Nifty Nerdy Fun.

Bible Study + Buffy and Humor = More Nifty Nerdy Fun

Branding your kid a nerd before he/she can even walk….

.. well… that’s just cruel.

Happy Thursday!


JayRod said...

OMG, I have fallen in love with Felicia Day. She needs to play one of the main characters in one of Joss Whedon's next projects, not just a small role when the show is near it's end (Buffy season 7 and Dollhouse's lost 13th episode which could have been a series finale).

JayRod said...

Oh yeah, and the MPBS thing seems alot like the Colbert Report, I wonder if I should e-mail him the link to it? I haven't seen him ever mention it on his show, but he might sometime.

玉の輿度チェッカー said...
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デリバリーホスト said...
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