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Happiness is a warm something or other.

Some rather nice things….

Water on the moon! Not a lot... but a little has some possibly big consequences.

Speaking of a little bit... a little bit of success for the AIDs Vaccine

Soon my ifonay will be able to send and receive photos a-la text messages which will make the game "Where ae you?" soooo much more fun!

And then there's this....

From: Yahoo! Reminder
Sent: Thursday, September 24, 2009

Title: Matthew Comes Home!

Date: Thursday September 24, 2009
Time: 9:00 pm

Oh… and apparently some man on the train this morning confused me with Debbie Harry.

“Move it Blondie!” he yelled.
“Yeah, I mean you, let’s go!” (when I turned and looked at him.

Let me point out that we were both trying to board a train at 715 in the morning. Additional information would include that he was behind me, that the train was really crowded, and that I was letting the little old lady get off the train before getting on myself. Even if I had wanted to “move it” unless I was okay with running down that little old lady, I couldn’t.

Also? I'm not blond.

But whatever,

Now I have "Call Me" stuck in my head... and so should you!

Happy Thursday!

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