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Weight, Weight, Don't Tell Me.

Ok, goal time.

I want to lose weight.

Hmm, not specific enough is it?

I want to drop 10 pounds.

Ahhh but see, I don’t want to give myself too much time… 10 pounds in say a year isn’t really going to help me out.

I want to drop 10 pounds…. by September 21st (The Autumnal Equinox).

Goal set. Now for a plan.

I could count carbs, or calories… I could buy a gym membership, eat like a bird, or take pills.

But I think I will do the following;

I will do aerobics/dance/stretching five times a week (heart rate goes up, it is about a 30 min. workout.)
I will do the cardio kickboxing class on Saturdays.
I will avoid all candy (except mints)
I will cut out beef and pork products.
I will increase my intake of veggies.
I will drink more water.
I will give up my Once-A-Week-Small-Decalf-White-Mocha

I think I can live with that.

Wish me luck!


Jairus Durnett said...

Good luck!
Looks like a good woo-free plan.

GreenishBlue said...

As the proud owner of an iPhone, I've found the LiveStrong calorie tracker EXTREMELY helpful. All you do is put in the food you eat and any exercise you do, and it will keep track of your calories and tell you how close (or over!) you are on your my goal.

Jairus Durnett said...

I have to second GreenishBlue. I used the LiveStrong calorie tracker on my computer and had good results. Just the process of tracking the calories makes you very conscious of your eating habits.

Unknown Mami said...

Good luck. You have a plan, you can do it.

WannaBHealthy said...

Decalf- using soy milk? :) j/k. Sounds like you've got a good start. A once a week habit isn't bad though.

superrelish said...

Go you. Keep us posted with results.

GreenishBlue said...

Awesome: Just noticed my inconsistent use of pronouns:

"How close YOU are to MY goals."

Nicely done.

Kay said...

Jairus: Thanks for the luck!

GreenishBlue: I looked into it… the site doesn’t seem to have the kind of counter I would need… I eat a lot of things that are hard to count the calories for… maybe that should be an early step to change…

Unknown Mami: thanks! I hope so… I got plans for this body!

WannBHealthy: Soy? Ick! No… once a wek isn’t bad.. hopefully it will be easy to drop.

Superrelish: Will do!

Kay said...

Lol Blue... just what are YOUR goals for MY body?

mikekoz68 said...

luck has nothing to do with it, just put down the fork!!