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Weekend Fun!

This weekend I got to spend a few hours dealing with a computer that has decided that Santa Cruz is too hot and thus will overheat at the drop of a hat.

After some panic, a BIOS upgrade, a purchase of a longer warranty (mine was to expire in 18 days), and a lecture from the sweet talking rep regarding my need for a chillpad, I managed to still work on what should be the final edits for “Links.”

Also in the exciting weekend of Kay there was a horrible movie , a really great movie (review coming soon), a book review for a novel , the completion of reading of two other novels, some long walks, a 30th birthday celebration for a friend, a tofu and almond spinach salad, actual working out for 30 minutes, dinner with a new friend, and even meeting one of my neighbors.

Pretty darn good weekend… I just wish The Maifan-San had been around, but alas he is still banished to Taft.

Anyway, today I need to work late, go somewhere and buy a chillpad, glance over “Links” and do laundry.

Are you jealous yet?


Unknown Mami said...

What is a chillpad?

JayRod said...

My feet & legs are still sore from that walk, man I am out of shape (or perhaps not in a good shape).