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(Kaylia Metcalfe)

Standing By

I have been having a rough few days.

AT&T decided it was going to be a stinking bunch of malevolent pieces of fecal matter. In other words, I don’t have internet acces for some radon reason that no one can seem to understand.
My boss took being “bossy” to a whole new level.
A much anticipated vacation was canceled.
Angry words were exchanged with someone dear to me.
Little Kitty Haley Cat died.
The mouse / cursor for my laptop is having epileptic seizures which make getting anything done a real trial.
And I realized just how much weight I have gained in the last three months.


Then I see things like this and after the goose bumps subside, I remember that I am blessed.

I hope you all are having a good Thursday.



Liz Ditz said...

Thanks so much for sharing this. I wouldn't have seen it otherwise.

Unknown Mami said...

OMG! Beautiful! Amazing!

Polkacide said...

Wow! That is truly beautiful. Sorry about your week being so stressful.

Dianne said...

it's a great video, always makes me feel better

hugs kiddo