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Tripping the Steps Fantastic

I tripped yesterday while walking, well to be precise while walking down a set of steps, and twisted my ankle. Of course we were out on a photo shoot and I was a bit distracted with all the smiling and tilting my head and worrying that my gopher teeth were going to look like, well gopher teeth, that I didn’t really stop to deal with it.

It wasn’t a bad twist, it only hurt a bit… later when we went back out to get Froyo (frozen yogurt has a new cool nickname it seems) I opted to wear flats and I really don’t think anyone could tell that my ankle was still oh so slightly hurting.

This morning however it was swollen and tender and I spent a good hour icing it.

It is doing better which is good, I have a full afternoon of playing tour guide and then time at the spa to look forward to.

Yes, a spa. It will be my first time at a spa… I am a bit nervous but looking forward to feeling pampered.

In order to prepare myself for this very girly sort of treat I am listening to Social Distortion and catching up on blogs. A new book review is up on my book review blog and I even wrote about the yummy chicken that I cooked yesterday over at my cooking blog.

Hope you all had a great relaxing weekend. Final week of July; here we come!


MiddleMan said...

"Gopher teeth"? Oh, poor Kaylia, I feel your pain... ;)

I grew up with the nickname of "Richard the Rabbit" with friends and family, on account of my buck teeth. I hate taking pictures myself.

Congrats on the book, and TV spot. Hope the ankle feels better.

rystefn said...

Froyo? I call bullshit. Everyone knows it's called frogurt... which is also cursed.

Jairus Durnett said...

Usually, I don't pick on mis-spelled words, but I think that Dr. Freud would like you to look again at the sentence which begins "In order to prepare myself for this..."

Kay said...

JD: you know the funny thing is, it was a clothing optional sort of place.... so really "teat" wasn't that far off the mark....

Ry: The shop in C is called Froyo... I'm with you though, I think it is rather silly.

MiddleMan: Mine aren't as bad as they were when I was little, but I still feel like a freak in most photos.

Lisa said...

I hope your ankle is feeling better. That next day thing can be such a pain. Literally.