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Previews, Links, Dogs in Blankets… It must be Friday!

Can’t just link about FREE Jamba Juice when there is so much other cool things to keep you company on this Friday.

Starting with this…. U2’s new single;

The video is animated and can be found on youtube but they won’t let me embed, so I’m not going to link to it.

Speaking of animation….

Here is the preview for the stop animation "Fantastic Mr. Fox" which is based on the novel by Roald Dahl with the voices of Meryl Streep, George Clooney, Owen Wilson and Bill Murray. Sweet!

And if you thought Snuggies were only for people… well, you obviously aren’t wearing your Capitalism Crown of “What can we get people to buy?”

On a totally different note, Hulu just added Queer As Folk and She-Ra… which simultaneously makes Hulu even cooler and thousands of bored cubical trapped individuals even more likely to plug headphones in. As for me... well, let's just say my afternoon love afair with the bus's WiFi just got a boost!

And lastly… what would a Friday be without a little Stephen Colbert?

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Womb Raiders - Orly Taitz
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Have a great weekend.... Happy August!!!!


Dianne said...

what a fantastically eclectic post - all sorts of delights

you're a giver ;)

have a great weekend!!

JayRod said...

What I love about this idiotic woman leading the birthers movement is not that she is a lawyer, dentist and real estate agent, nor that she isn't a native born citizen herself, but that she has somehow created the absurd idea that in order to be an American citizen, both parents have to be US citizens. WTF part of the crazy tree did she come from, oh, southern California, damn . . .