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News and Notes

Happy Monday! Happy July! Happy back from a long weekend or a holiday weekend or still enjoying the time off…

I had a great weekend, full of family and friends. I also had one of those mental moments of “what am I doing with my life?” but I got over it.

Just a few notes this morning to help you ease your way into the week….

A film remake of TJ Hooker...and like the newest Star Trek, this franchise reboot won’t be including William Shatner.

Speaking of Sci-Fi… a sequel to TRON:

And if that isn’t enough Sci Fi Geek news for you, from Gamastura: After years of decreasing support for its older titles, LucasArts today announced it will be releasing through Steam ten of its games across numerous genres, franchises, and developers. Included amongst the planned digital releases for July 8 are original adventure games Loom and The Dig, as well as numerous Indiana Jones and Star Wars titles. More Here

Ok, enough about pretend science… what about real science? Well we have the Updated Stem Cell Research Rules

And lastly, where science sensationalist meets skeptical analysis. Be wary of what the headlines say, here's why:

Enjoy your Monday!

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