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Mass Sues Over DOMA

Massachusetts, I love you.

Today the STATE of Mass (not a random couple, but the actual state) filed to sue the US Government over DOMA (The Defense of Marriage Act: refuses same sex couples federal benefits and allows states to not recognize legal same sex marriage preformed in other states.)

A CA couple filed a similar suit a while ago and the Obama Administration said it should be dismissed.

But this is a state, STATE suing the federal government because DOMA “interferes with the right of Massachusetts to define and regulate marriage as it sees fit”

Once again, I love you Massachusetts!

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In other not so good news, Maine's same sex couples have a battle ahead of them.
Novemebr Ballot.


Anonymous said...

Well, this is something I've never had occasion to say before: I completely and 100% support the state of Massachusetts in this.

My understanding is that the Constitution explicitly requires all states to recognize marriages (among other contracts) from all otehr states. About time one of them stood up and actually tried to enforce it.

Jay said...

And now we all get to sit back and watch all the "conservatives" argue in favor of the federal government over state's rights. Damn hypocrites. ;-)