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Friday Morning

The following entry was sent remotely, because I am nothing if not always eager to find new and more complex ways of doing something simple.



I am having one of "those" mornings.


The kind that makes you wish it were socially acceptable to start drinking before breakfast.


I realized that I was two quarters shy of being able to do laundry so I had the joy of leaving my apartment before 7am in search of an ATM, a place that was open, and maybe some coffee.  Found all three things relatively quickly but even a five dollar concoction called a "White Polar Bear" 9white decalf mocha) from the Hawaiian themed coffee shop couldn't help the day from sliding into a rushed mad panic series of comedic events.


I think the highlight was three hours later running up Pacific Ave, dragging my suitcase, balancing my purse, my bagel, and my coffee and trying to avoid awesomely slow pedestrians.  Of course, a good third of the coffee ended up on my white blouse, but I made my bus.


Thanks to Amy for her pitch perfect humor and support.  As we barreled through the bus station lobby scattering homeless people in our wake, we managed to continue having the sort of bonding new friend conversation about funerals that is normally reserved for late night patios and cocktails.


Now though, I am on the bus, headed off to the train station…. Soon everything will be out of my hands and if that nagging feeling that I forgot something important will either go away or manifest itself in a loud curse word.


By the way, my nails look great!


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