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And now for more of the unique sameness

It’s Hump Day / Pay Day which makes it a pretty good day for me.

Not such a good day for John Dillinger who was shot on this day in 1934.

That’s 75 years ago but obviously people are still talking about it, thanks in part to the recent movie. I haven’t seen the film yet but I wonder if it will go into the details of his death… read the article, it is actually pretty interesting.

In other news…..

Couples are cohabitating not to practice for marriage, but because
they just want to hang out together
. Makes perfect sense to me.

Are you glowing? Could you be?

There is going to be a World of Warcraft movie… and Sam Raimi is going to direct it. This could be very very awesome… or very very horrible. Should I dig out some old screenshots of my time as an addict?

And because what would a post be without some fun science…..

Brought to us by this blog

Here is the trailer for the new show “Persons Unknown.” NBC has picked up 13 episodes so far. If I can, I’ll review it over on my reviewing blog.

Buffy vs Xena: The result might surprise you.


A different take on recycling:
What once served as an exotic playground for Colombian drug cartel boss Pablo Escobar is now a theme park with guided tours, horseback riding, a swimming pool and a zoo.

And lastly… from the world of “well, duh” comes this article touting two new studies that show that why yes, having a healthy lifestyle is indeed good for you. Just in case, you know, you hadn’t figured that out somehow.

Hope your day is going well!


Unknown Mami said...

Damn, I was hoping a healthy lifestyle was not good for me. Oh well.

Jay said...

I would take Buffy over Xena and Sookie Stackhouse. Buffy rules!