…Perhaps we were only mildly entertained. Regardless, please enjoy these Reviews, Responses, Works of Fiction, and Retellings brought to you by one who hopes to someday join the ranks of those who have written something worth reading.
(Kaylia Metcalfe)


Earlier today my blogroll went something like this:

· Bad Astronomy
Ten Things You Don’t Know About the Sun
· Why? What Have You Heard?
Two4Tuesday #2: "Big/Small"
· Friendly Atheist
They Know Why Atheists Reject Christianity
· Dr. John's Fortress
A Word in Prayer
· The Blowfish Blog
[The Pro Circuit] Reading Playboy For the Articles
· Anthroslug the Much Put-Upon
Japan Photos - the First of Many
… I had to smile.

One of the best things about blogging (both reading and writing) is the chance to learn (perhaps we learn) and the chance to see different perspectives. Now, I don’t go crazy on this concept, there are a few points of view that I would rther not read, but I do love that the ‘net is such an eclectic place to hang out.


Jay said...

I also love the diversity of blogs and all the different views on life and whatever else that can be found in the bloggerhood.

Although there are a few that drive me crazy too. But, oh well, I don't have to read those.

As for my blogroll, I haven't done anything to it in months. In fact I kind of hate my blogroll. It's such a hassle sometimes. haha

Dianne said...

I was thinking about you this morning. You and Lust have been on my mind for days - talk about the power of the net! ;)

I loved your Ruby Tuesday - I have a thing for lines and angles.