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Ruby Tuesday Goes Green

Soooo I had my RT post all ready to go. It was brilliant! It was mind-blowing!

Well, no, not really… but it was done and hopefully mildly entertaining… and then I clicked over to Mary’s Ruby Tuesday home and realized that tomorrow is Tuesday AND St Patty’s Day so in honor of that Ruby Tuesday has become Emerald Tuesday!

That’s right boys and girls… the color of the day is green…. And as you all know it isn’t easy being green but it is the only color that will save Dorothy, Ozma, and all the rest of the gang.

So next week you can read all about the darn red things that have been taunting me… this week you get;

Great Gobs of Green!

First off:

This little bamboo plant sits on the counter near my desk at work.. I water it faithfully and it now has three times more little green stalks than it did backing December when it arrived as part of a holiday gift basket. See… I don’t kill all plants!

Mmm money. There four ones are my means to get to Santa Cruz… yes, that’s right, with these and about two hours I can transport myself (with the aide of the Santa Clara and Santa Cruz Regional Transit Systems, far away from my city home and into the waiting arms of The Maifan-San and the calming happiness of the beach….

Another wonderful green thing: Healthy Afternoon snacking! For just 64 cents this edamame can be purchased at the office café and then eaten slowly over the course of the afternoon. Yum!

And lastly… what would St. Patty’s day be without a little Kay-Style? Here I am sporting my traditional St Patty’s day tee shirt.

And a close up on the pretty pretty sparkles.

Have a safe and happy Green filled St Patty’s Day everyone!



Carletta said...

What a fun post Kay!
Hmmm....snap peas.
You've reminded me I bought a shirt to wear tomorrow so I better go wash it so I can. :)
Have a happy day full of green!

dot said...

I like the "green backs"! lol.

Jay said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day babe! ;-)

Unknown said...

You're a lucky girl, I take it!

I gave you an award. Come see my blog.

Amber Star said...

Nice sparkly shirt for St. Pat's day. I'm not sure I have anything green for the day....ack! Liked your post a lot. Happy Tuesday :)

maryt/theteach said...

Wow, Kay! What a great, GREEN job you've done! Happy Ruby/Emerald Tuesday!

Dianne said...

great post Kay!!

love the shirt
and I'm really envious of your green and healthy snacking ;)

Linnea said...

I love your story and I know a little more about you and how the color green fits into your life! Happy St. Pat's Day and thanks for stopping by my RT post!

C. JoyBell C. said...

aha ha ha ha ha! That bamboo shoot is so cutie! I used to have bamboo shoot indoor water fountains (miniature ones) propped up all over the house in our first condo that we lived in... :)

Mojo said...

Oh you know I can't leave edamame alone all afternoon! That whole "gluttony" thing takes over and you'd think those were green M&M's or something.