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Down With Feeling Up

So after being told that my iron levels are still too low to donate blood (again) I was feeling a bit down. Apparently I need to eat more of stuff like this:


I then spent some time looking online at apartments I can’t afford on my own. (Depressing)

… and then some time on the ‘net looking at apartments I can afford on my own. (actually even more depressing…. “look, there’s one… Studio: 230 square feet and no window!”)

-le sigh-

There are a few other clouds on the horizon… a leaky shower, a decision that is getting to that “have to decide this” point, a dawning realization that I really really really don’t want to face, a nasty case of writer’s apathy, and a few other things that I could list here all vague-like but why bother.

But before drowning my sorrows and frustrations in banana chips, white wine and a marathon of Arrested Development episodes I decided to dwell a bit on some of the things that have made me happy lately.

Because I am an optimist… and I find the joy gosh darn it.

Jon Stewart and this would be a reason why….

… and if that isn't enough, this would be further proof that Jon Stewart is pretty high on the list of ‘Most Awesome people’ ever.

Biden. You know… that older sort of cocky white guy who balanced out Obama’s ticket? We haven’t seen too terribly much of him lately but I did run across this little gem. Seems Biden is a fan of public transportation (most notable Amtrak) and this gets him all sorts of brownie points from yours truly.

More things that make me happy?

Helping my mom with her homework

My job… (as in, I still have one) Today was pay day!

Views like this

This video that I snatched off of reader Jimmy P's blog (Hey Jimmy{, thank you so much for your great comment, I hope you stick around!)

NINA KINERT & ANE BRUN from Diaspro on Vimeo.

And lastly my sister Gina...

...who when I cried out for some sort of pep talk gave me following words of profound wisdom:

"Go Kay! Crap is temporary, good stuff exists, it's sunny outside, poptarts are cheap, and we're not dead! Just keep breathing!

I love you =)"

One of the best emails I have ever gotten.

Happy end of “hump day’ everyone!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you are heading towards feeling better. The weekend is creeping closer, and so to is the beach. Take care.

C. JoyBell C. said...

wait a minute...white wine and banana chips...wa ha ha ha hah ah a! ha ha! You really are a case, aren't you? We should hang out together! ;-)

and how humanitarian are you? You're going to start eating better so you can give your blood to other people?? omg! Do you ever come to an end? Ever?

I think I'll be seeing you receiving a Nobel prize sometime not too soon but still soon...again...say hi to me...ok?


C. JoyBell C. said...

"poptarts are cheap"...

... how come i don't get emails like that?? Huh?? the world is sooo unfair! I mean, I totally deserve to get an email like that...

Dianne said...

I adore you! you have the most awesome talent - what writer's apathy? you just wrote a gem

I shall wallow far less today thanks to you

big hugs

Mojo said...

Whoa. Your sister's hot.

Things that make me happy:
My dog Tonka
My camera
Putting my dog and my camera in my -- sorry, Tonka's -- truck and going out to take pictures.

Beyond that life just gets way.t2.f.n.complicated.

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

How fun to see things turn around from gloomy and blah to "poptarts are cheap and we aren't dead!" Great post!! :D