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Squeals of Joy

Ahhh the holidays…

Gifts Gifts Gifts oh and family time.

Actually for me, the best part of the holiday was spending time with the family, both mine and the Family of The Man. (One such member is the sensationally amazing Death Chic who I have linked to before, but, well, here we go again.) I also really enjoyed eating Chinese food on Christmas afternoon and driving up and down the coast in the cold cold sunshine on the 26th.

I didn’t enjoy the ardent stupidity of the Best buy employees who decided to make us the poster children for unsatisfied customers. But that is a totally different thing.

My sisters, as regular blog readers might know, are getting on in years. They are quickly approaching their 20s… and on the whole that is pretty nifty, but there are times when I miss them as little girls with slightly grubby fingers, high pitched voices, and the attention spans of fruit flies.

I don’t have too many friends who have little children… and Baby O (who is quickly getting too old to be called “baby”) lives too far away for me to get to spend oodles of time with her.

So this holiday season I felt really blessed to watch the nephews and niece of The Man while they opened presents. They screamed, they jumped up and down, they talked super fast at volumes that only stray dogs could understand. It was wonderful. It made me feel old and young all at the same time.

On Saturday night we visited a few other family members and again I was privileged to experience the excitement of a young-ish-person-type as I watched a ten year old fly a tiny remote controlled helicopter around in circles in the living room.

Yes, a tiny remote controlled helicopter.

It has a twin… and apparently when they are both being flown, they can “shoot lasers” at each other and cause each other to crash.

That’s just…. AWESOME!

Did they have cool toys like that when I was ten? I don’t remember. (And to be honest, I might not have been terribly interested in a remote controlled helicopter at age ten… but still…)


On the one hand I was impressed and jealous. On the other hand I remember the elation of playing pretend… our airplanes and space ships were made from empty toilet paper rolls and pipe cleaner, I had a wooden lamp that was secretly a pagan idol worthy of worship and there was a place in the carpet which was actually a trap that would send an unsuspecting Barbie on a trip to an alternative universe (the backyard). In other words, I made do.

And I would like to think that having an overactive imagination and by seeing things that weren’t there is a mark of a creative spirit.

Not that the ten year old in question won’t be using his imagination as he dive bombs the puppy with the helicopter or flies is tight little circles above my head… just that sometimes I wonder if the kids of today are missing something.

What ever happened to towel capes and random kitchen utensils that doubled as weapons of minor destruction?

When did video games become the catch all, the default for kid oriented entertainment?

But just at the moment when I felt my curmudgeonist cynicism starting to swell… I read this article that talks about how nothing can ever top either the Stick or the Box for childhood glee.

Ahhh, the simple things.

Next year, should I be lucky enough to be shopping for a child-like-creature, I think
I will rustle up some rubber bands, some marbles, and some empty rolls of wrapping paper.

With a bit of imagination, the possibilities are endless


Jay said...

Oh man do I want those helicopters! That would be hours and hours of entertainment right there.

Catherine said...

How I understand you, Kay. I was that kind of little girl, creating with papers, glue, and whatever I had what I needed.
Our children have very sophisticated turnkey toys, that avoid the use of imagination.

maryt/theteach said...

Kay, your holidays sound like a lot of fun, merry and bright! I hope you have a great New Year! Glad you like my new Ruby Tuesday idea! Thanks for commenting! :)

Unknown said...

Start saving and don't forget to add masking tape; lots of it, to the package. Kids love tape. There is no end to the trouble they can get into with it! ;-)

Nice to hear your holidays were wonderful and lucky for you to have spent it with little kids. They are great fun, aren't they?

Lisa Sunbury said...

I knew there was a reason I liked you the moment I met you!