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Mission: Red


Welcome back to normalcy! Now that the holidays are safely behind us, we can…

What’s that you say? the season of madness, err I mean happiness and joy has only begun?

Oh, well in that case; May you all have cake.

Unless you prefer cookies.


It is once again Ruby Tuesday

I am sure you all had a marvelous holiday weekend. Mine was a cocktail of family, friends and seeing new places/things (very relaxing and wonderful)… with a nine hours in the car traffic induced grumpiness chaser. So it goes.

(I’m getting to the red, have patience)

I live in California… in fact I live in an area of California that is seeped in Spanish and Native American heritage. From the names of our streets to the names of our towns to a lot of the general architecture and even traditions and such, this state is very much aware of its past.

And I am woefully uneducated.

Within a few hours drive there are at least half a dozen old missions… and up until recently, I had been to only one. Maybe. I can’t quite remember. A few months back The Man and I went to San Juan Baptista to begin the task of remedying my severe lack of missions knowledge. Call it our ongoing missions Trip.

Anyway, on our way to visit friends in Southern California (capitalized because it IS a totally different state down there) we stopped at San Miguel.

Also, just in case you are wondering…

Still, -le sigh-

I am sort of getting used to it. The painful headaches (are there such a thing as painless headaches?) –ahem- the Headaches are getting better and I have embarked on a “what new sort of disgusting herbal tea will I subject myself to today?” sort of adventure.

Happy December everyone! 30 days 'till New Years!


Jeremy Rice said...

Stash Raspberry tea.

It doesn't get any better. ...In fact, sometimes I wonder why I bother drinking any other teas.

...Of course, I should disclose that I have never been a caffeine addict, and, in fact, don't like coffee. Not even a little.

Jay said...

The only mission I've ever been to in Cali is the one in Monterey. Can't think of the name of it right now. But, I lived in San Antonio for a while and hit each of the missions there a couple of times. Pretty cool.

Ralph said...

That is a long car ride, grumpiness is expected. I always had this vision of the missions in California being of Southwest style and clad in stucco. The brick reminds me of old New England, specifically Boston in style. Therefore unique and more impressive than modern glass and steel architecture. A nice view to this northeasterner...

Mojo said...

Glad the headaches are getting better. I still wouldn't trade places with you though. Although...

Anonymous said...

good for you! and lovely structure! i love brick buildings...

Anthroslug said...

Ralph: The brickwork is a rarity, most of the missions are simply made of adobe and covered in white plaster. Some of the missions were modified by either the church or private land owners after secularization (which began in the 1830's), and so they have odds and ends that don't quite match up with the rest.

Kaylia Metcalfe said...

@JRice: I will add that to the list… the “passion” one I tried the other day was severely gag-riffic.

@Jay: I have been to the Presidio in Monterey but not the mission yet (I think it is technically in Carmel)… another place to go the next time The Man feels the urge to drive me around.

@Ralph: I don’t mind long car rides… because I don’t drive, but yeah, it was rather long. Like Anthroslug said, the missions are adobe, I just took photos of the bricks… but I think I will post some more accurate photos soon.

@Mojo: Beter, yes. But damn am I tired.

@Spices: Thanks! Me too!

@Anthroslug: Yep, and thanks again for providing my RT entry again this week!

Catherine said...

Like your title for this Ruby Tuesday.
Bricks wall doesn't seem the usual style of your region, no?
And this cup! isn't it a temptation!
And Headhaches and Cafeine are my 2bad friends. I would like to avoid them, but they're still cross my path. In fact, I'm a weak-willed person concerning coffee (3 strong coffee cups/day) and haedhaches, well, there's only medecines.