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My baby sister turns 18 today.

Let’s let that sink in for just a second.

Gina, Duckie, Squeak,… Whatever I have called her over the years…. She is still my baby sister. Who is now all legal.

My other “little” sister will be 20 in just over a month.

*Little is a relative term seeing how they are both taller than I am.

I feel…. Old.

But also, I feel amazingly blessed to have known these two girls their whole lives and for a sizable chunk of mine. Ten years apart in age, sure… but they are still my little sisters.

And as the big sister, it is my sacred duty to love them forever, to be here for them always, and to occasionally get all sappy and gush over them.

So Gina… HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

(Here she is with me… doing our Super Hero pose.)


I love you and I am so blessed to have you as my baby sister. I remember watching you being born… it was one of the most amazing and disgusting things I have ever been lucky enough to witness. Did you know that when you came out, you were all purple and slimy? The nurse carried you over to the side table and wrapped you up in a blanket. Before she took you back to Mom, I bent down and touched your cheek with my finger. I wanted to be the first person to touch you.

You were tiny and at first you weren’t all that fun. Later you were bigger and a lot of fun to torture, errr I mean play with.

I have watched you grow into such a wonderfully complex and fascinating young woman. (Do I sound like grandma yet?) You have a poise and a self confidence that is marvelous to behold… and a fashion sense and a quick wit that is enviable.

You were an amazing kid… and a mighty fine teenager. I know you are going to be a remarkable adult.

I love you kiddo!



Jay said...

Happy Birthday to Gina!!!

Ralphd00d said...

I am late, as usual, but Happy Bday to yer sis.

I admire that even after the years of putting each other truogh torturous times, the love can show and you still upraise the kudos for the siblings. Mine, I let rot in hell, but that is a story that may yet come forth - who knows....

JayRod said...

Woot for GINA!!!!

Anonymous said...

I saw this and instantly thought of Miss Gina...