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Yes, I have been a bit quiet this week.

I haven’t been feeling well and I have been super busy being all sorts of prolific (short story style)… in my continued quest to keep my editor happy, my mind limber, and my future bright.

Tonight I head to Santa Cruz for the weekend where there will be wandering strange roads, warm (late November!) weather, a rally/protest, and hopefully the viewing of the new James Bond movie.

Sorry this week was a bit, err weak… come back next week for topics like:

Lest I protest too much: Why do people protest… and why you should care
How much information is too much information?
Ways to make your neighbors fear you,
The Importance of the “Just Right” Shampoo.

Until then, be good… and enjoy the following:


Anndi said...

Enjoy the weekend.

The video... um... yeah.

JayRod said...

So I'm gonna guess that Mark sent you that video or he wrote it.