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Free at last!

Every Monday I intend to write a Ruby Tuesday blog. Sometimes I even prep for it by taking photos over the weekend… sometimes I even start writing it because I have a theme or something specific to say.

But then Monday night comes, and other stuff comes up. Like… sleeping. Or talking on the phone. Or forgetting completely.

But this week I have an actual excuse because last night I went and volunteered at a phone bank for the Equality for All Campaign (Come on, Vote NO on 8 people, really)

--more on that later--

And also last night… maybe not on the same level of mass importance, but still pretty damn important to me; I paid off my gym membership.

All done.

No more.

45 bucks more in my bank account every month.

I am FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I was stupid to sign a three year contract. I know that now. At the time however, it made sense. The gym was near to my office. I was all adult and mature and had landed myself a “real” job working in Corporate America doing Big Person things like Business Lunches, Traveling for Business, wearing Business Suits, etc. At 24. I had arrived and I was ready to add Regular Gym User and Awesomely In Shape to my list of accomplishments.

I even convinced Jia to join with me.

I had such hopes… such plans for my body, my health, my time… my life.

For a few months things went well. Despite drinking mochas after our twice a week workouts, Jia and I told ourselves that we were on the right track.

Then it all cold and winter like, (that was the year that is sleeted/hailed/almost snowed in San Jose) and suddenly going to the gym was not as much fun.

Eventually we stopped going as regularly. Then we stopped going together at all. I still would make the occasional appearance, but it wasn’t as much fun by myself and the trips to the gym began to get all sorts of scarce.

Then I lost my job, got divorced, and started the whirlwind “transitional” period of my life… that yes, I am technically still entrenched in. Going to the gym, especially one downtown and nowhere near where I have been working or living for the past 2 and a half years, became less and less of an option.

In true Evil Gym manner, they kept taking money out of my account. 45 bucks, every month.

I tried to get out of it, I begged, I pleaded, I flirted, I told my (true) sob story about sleeping on the floor and not being able to buy groceries… but to no avail.

Three years.

But… no more! Last night I gleefully paid my final month and canceled my membership. They tried to sweet talk me with a reduced rate for life… they tried to sign me up with a personal trainer, they asked about my weight loss goals, they pitched the improvements that have been made since my last visit (June 2007)…They begged, they pleaded, I think Manager Dave even flirted a little bit. But I won.

I am free.



Anonymous said...

For the record, signing up for a 3-year contract made sense to me as well at the time. I was in an apartment that I liked, with two of my closest, best friends. It was great to have a workout buddy for those months.

Then my company relocated. And there was a 24-hr Fitness down the street. And they opened a "workout room" at work. I started working out with one of my coworkers, who in the locker room was Abercrombie-model-like, and it became more of a distraction to work out than it was actually productive.

Then I changed companies to where they actually had a real gym on campus. And I moved apartments to where the workout room on site was open 24 hrs and literally twenty feet from my apartment door.

(Didn't help me go to the gym, but it was nice to have it available.)

Of course, our membership at Pinnacle/Bally's was also appealing because the rep at the gym told me that I could cancel the contract at any time for a $50 fee. Little did I realize this was not written on the contract anywhere, and so I was held to it. Despite that I lived more than 10 miles from the closest Bally's, I had to keep my Bally's gym membership for two virtually-unused years before they allowed me to pay it out at a modest discount.

Lesson Learned: Don't sign up for Bally's. They're liars.

Anndi said...

I signed a gym contract once... and went three times.

I almost did it again recently, and had a look at how much time I have in a week to schlep to a gym... um, none.

Robert said...

I'm contemplating quitting my gym membership if I don't get myself going there. Once the spark is lit I'm's just starting up again that's hard.

Thanks for stopping by my blog again and leaving a comment. :)

Religious issues aside, as an elementary school teacher, I have to vote Yes on 8. I can't see HAVING to teach students that they MUST ACCEPT the gay lifestyle violates parental rights. And yes, since we are required to teach about marriage, we would HAVE to teach this. I think it's an issue that should be discussed in the home rather than in the classroom. If this were to go through as it did in Massachusetts, parents would have no say in the matter nor would they be able to opt out of having their children taught this. I'll get off my soapbox now. :)

Kaylia Metcalfe said...

Mark: you are still my fave work out buddy :P

Anndi: I hear that.... time, I need more time for everything.

Hi Robert, nice to have you around :)

Of course I encourage you to vote the way you feel is right… but just to clarify, CA laws are different from the laws in Mass… for example, CA prohibits any child being taught (in public school) ANYTHING about health and family issues against the will of the parents. This is why schools are supposed to get parental consent for things like health and family issues. If the school you are teaching at isn’t doing that, well, that is a whole other issue. Sacramento superior judge Timothy Frawley has already ruled that this (widespread) claim is “false and misleading.”

So if you are voting for prop 8 because you feel gay people shouldn’t have the right to marry, that is one thing. Please though, don’t vote for it due to misinformation.

Anonymous said...

Excellent move cancelling the gym membership. . . although manager Dave was seemingly nice. . .he should have to pay you 45 bucks a month (next 3 years) for the privilege of being allowed to flirt with you.

PS - I've linked perhaps we learned something to the half-life of. . . I enjoy your writing. I am going to have a snickers bar for breakfast in solidarity with your cancelling the gym.

Kaylia Metcalfe said...

Thank you so much for the link! I am beyond flattered!

A Snickers bar? Hee... bad! Naughty!

I am going to have a bagel with just a teeeeeny bit of cream cheese!

JayRod said...

All gyms are evil. I think working out in some way or another is a good thing, but almost all gyms are more about posing than working out, looking good over losing weight. And usually they have these evil contracts worse than cell phone companies.

As for Prop 8, please consider the fact that how is gay marriage really going to affect you before you vote. Parental waivers for anything relating to health are real, I remember having to get my parents to sign them back when I was in grade school. If you want to tell other people that they can't marry because they prefer the company of the same sex of the opposite then you have some serious issues in your self worth that you should seek counciling to get resolved.