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Thank goodness for Yahoo

Oh my god… EVEN Paris?????

I’m sorry… what the heck?

When did Paris Hilton become the paradigm of tech savvy?



Anndi said...


Lord Chronos77 said...

OMG Paris Hilton is the focus of an attack. This dastardly deed must be made amends. The guilty party is obligated to out themselves right this instant...not.

Steph said...

I saw that and had the same thought! As if any scam that could fool Paris could fool anyone.

Well, maybe anyone dumber than a box of rocks.

JayRod said...


The fact that anyone is dumb enough to . . . wait, this is about Paris Hilton, arguably one of the dumbest people in the public eye. Oh well. Back to science fiction, where smart people rule and dumb people get eaten by giant bugs.