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Showing..... My Mailbox!

Its not just mine… I share it with my roommate.

It is a random little silver box that looks just like everyone else’s little silver box… but its magical.

From my mailbox I get movies, bills, the occasional letter, junk, coupons… and every so often a spider.

Gross, sure… but sticking your hand in and seeing what it comes out with is always an adventure.

(post inspired by the Show Me Photo Project over at Thoughts From A Fathe)


Robert said...

Nice to have you on board. I love the commentary here. You got me laughing with the "every so often a spider" comment. I hope you enjoy this project. :)

Carletta said...

This is a really great shot!
Well done.

I seem to have missed you on the project - sorry. :(

:: Lesley :: said...

You are funny............I am enjoying your show me projects..

Kay said...

@Robert: Oh its funny to you…. And the neighborhood kids who witnessed the mighty “Kay’s Dance of Fear” accompanied by squeals….

@Carletta: I joined late… trying to make up for lost time!Sad thing is that we hadn’t actually gotten any mail yesterday so I had to bring some down from the apartment… that photo, totally staged!

@Lesley: Glad to hear you are enjoying it! I am having a lot more fun than originally anticipated!

dianne - bunny trails said...

Ha! You're braver than I am. If a spider's one of the possibilities, I am SO not just sticking my hand in there. LOL!