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This counts as writing… right?

In answer to SHYguy, the lists of late have been anything from chores, to plans, to favorite things, to vacation options, to “things I might like to try cooking for someone special”… although earlier today I listed the books I have read so far this year over on my myspace page… and no, there aren’t reviews or recaps of these books… I didn’t even rate them (because that would take away all the mystery!) but I did add the list over on this blog as well… although for some reason the authors didn’t make the migration… will work on fixing that.


I know a discussion of fiction would be more relevant on this blog… but instead I have decided to share another recent list.

Welcome to another list

Movies that you might have missed (or know nothing about) but that you really really should see, Post Haste!

Happy Endings
Playing By Heart
Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter
Gone Baby Gone
Hard Candy

I am a slight fan of film noir… and this movie made me a full blown fan. With its gritty depiction of a story that will keep you emotionally invested as well as stylistically intrigued Brick manages to pull out all the classic (and wonderful) elements of true noir while maintaining color and youth. Don’t let the setting fool you, this movie goes above and beyond what anyone could expect form a description of “teen drama.”

The anti romantic comedy, this movie deal with the aftermath of the break up as our protagonist seeks closure. Shot in close quarters, it relies on the acting and the dramatic dialogue to pull you in and keep you watching. Remarkably, Jessica Biel doesn’t totally suck. Jason Statham makes an unforgettable appearance and stays fully out of “ass kicking mode” to become one of the best second string characters ever.

Happy Endings:
Lisa Kudrow is unrecognizable (in a good way) as the leader of an ensemble cast in a story as complicated and soap opera as it is poignant and touching. I am a sucker for connecting storylines that don’t simply rely on the element of coincidence in order to provide a connection…. And this movie delivers a deep sense of connectedness even while acknowledging the truth of separation. Plus the narrator is a series of snarky title cards.

Playing By Heart:
Another ensemble cast again with surprising results… this might just be one of Angelina Jolie’s best jobs at actually acting not to mention that Jon Stewart and Gillian Anderson are completely believable as a budding awkward new relationship. Despite its classic romantic drama and somewhat hokey happy ending, the movie manages to still touch the viewer and leave a few loose ends because nothing really ever is as perfect as the beginning of a love.

Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter:
This movie is bad… in fact its downright horrible, but it is so horrible that it becomes good again… actually it becomes great. Don’t understand what I mean? Well, lets put it this way, the movie is Canadian, features a random musical number, atheists in a clown car, magic advice giving ice cream, Jesus doing Kung Fu, and vampires preying on the mysterious powers of lesbian skin. True Story. I guarantee you, you have seen nothing quite like it, and you will never forget it.

Gone Baby Gone:
Ahh one you all might have heard of! I like this movie because it made a point, it made me think, and its overall message was “Being Catholic Will Fuck You Up.” Plus it had some great acting and some really good direction from someone I wish people would quit ragging on; give the guy a break already. He is better than he is given credit for. Oh, and you know that feeling when you are waiting for the other shoe to drop? This movie is all about that… in a good way.

Hard Candy:
Okay, I know I have written about this one before, but I couldn’t let the chance pass by without writing about it again. Gritty, intense, and superbly acted this movie will make you very uncomfortable and challenge your concepts of right and wrong. It will also make you bite your nails and wonder how in the world they are going to end it. One of the those times when an indy film with a lack of background music, much of a cast, special effects, and anything “normal” really really works… while staying quite clear of “artsy.”

There you have it! Let me know if you agree with me… and please (as always) feel free to drop me a recommendation or two.

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JayRod said...

Of those that I have seen, I agree they are good films that have either been overlooked or got bad reps w/o many ppl seeing them (as with Gone Baby Gone). And on a side note, the main character in Hard Candy is played by the actress who was the main character in Juno & played Kitty Pryde in X-Men 3.