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There has to be a goal. That is what life is after all, a series of goals that we either meet or we don’t meet. One could judge a life of success versus a life of failure all on what goals were met and which were not.

That’s Brett’s view anyway, and in the summer when the air is always warm and the pavement is always hot under your feet and you are 22 and feel that the world is not only your oyster but your motherfucking oyster bar man, then it is ok to break down all of existence into good and bad, big and little,… goal met or goal denied.

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Ralphd00d said...

Kay - I LOVE your descriptive style! I wish I would pay more attentino to the details, as you do, and kck out the not needed stuff. I always feel some dialogue is needed, at times, but with this story, the descriptive goes SO far!
Tell the bloke to have another Fosters, and be happy he had a mate to share dinner with, ya know?

Another Great one! Save these - put them in a short story collection and find a printer - Lord knows I want to some day, when I get better.