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Hello, my name is Kay and I am a writer.

Hello, my name is Kay and I am a writer.

Sort of.

One of my life goals is “to write something worth reading” and in pursuit of this goal I have written a lot, and most of it not worth reading. But I keep trying.

Sometimes I try in a passive sense.

Sometimes I don’t try at all.

But recent events have reminded me that every day I get older, further from my idealistic youth and that really I should just put up or shut up.

If you know me at all you can probably guess that shutting up is not an option.

So… because I know myself, I have started this blog.

I know that I operate better under deadlines.

I know I need to be held accountable… and that making a goal public is one way to do that.

I know that I resist the spotlight because there is part of me that doesn’t feel worthy of attention.

I know I hide in fiction because I like the control and fear reality.

I know that big changes start with little ones.

I know I am tired of waiting for that perfect moment, (when my life is all organized, my teeth are perfect, my hair has stopped doing that silly flip thing, my books are in alphabetical order, my desk is uncluttered, my pictures are recent and hung with care in the perfect spot) to write, to devote myself to writing. Because that day will never come.

Instead we have today.

Today is March 20th and in honor of Ostara and the whole blessed idea of Spring and New Beginnings… I start this blog.

To write.

To keep writing.

To get feedback.

To continue to grow as a person.


Unknown said...

How do you know so much of what you have written is not worth reading, if others haven't read it?

JayRod said...

For some reason my eyes hate the colors you have chosen. They hurt reading the white on black. I don't know if you have control of this but I find my eyes seeing these non-existant lines all over after looking at your blog.

Kaylia Metcalfe said...

Odd… sorry the colors bother your eyes, although I have to wonder if it might be more of your eyes and less of the colors. Too many shadow bolt crits on your screen, your eyes can’t adjust to a computer screen without them. Regardless I will look into changing the colors to aide in the ease of reading.

JayRod said...

And shadowbolt Crits show up as yellow, not white!!!

JayRod said...

And shadowbolt Crits show up as yellow, not white!!!

Ralphd00d said...

I am definitely coming back to your site. I enjoyed reading hte posts you have up to date. You have got some linky-love from me!

Kaylia Metcalfe said...

Thanks dOOd!

I'm a big fan of the linky love :)

Akshaya Kamalnath said...

My goal precisely too. Good Luck and dont give up.