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New Project: Pages and Popcorn Podcast!

I teased about this a month ago... but today I get to announce it at the top of my lungs!

Along with my friend Jennifer, I am launching a new podcast! It is called Pages and Popcorn Podcast and the tagline is "Two opinionated book and movie nerds talk about books that were made into movies... and the movies that came from books!"

We have a website!

We have a Twitter!

We have a Facebook page!

And best of all... We have a TRAILER!

I'm still figuring it all out and getting it hosted and promoted and such... so stay tuned and keep those fingers crossed!

I'm so excited!

Something (censored) this way comes...

I am really excited and I can't tell you why quite yet.

This is not vague booking... it is vague blogging!

Here's a hint.

Here's another hint!


I'm certified!

Dear Kaylia Marie Metcalfe-Armstrong,

Congratulations on your recent achievement! At this time you have met all the requirements to earn the Copyediting certificate.


I am the proud owner of a Copyediting Certificate from UC Santa Barbara!

(It is in the mail, so no picture as of yet....)

Now, I can charge a tiny bit more for my services! 

wishful dancing.... 

I'm the New Secretary!

Not this kind of secretary.

At least not that I am going to discuss in this venue.


I am thrilled to announce that I have joined the Central Valley Alliance of Atheists and Skeptics as the Secretary of their Board of Directors.

I will help this organization as they refocus thier intentions and revive thier social media presence.

The Central Valley Alliance of Atheists and Skeptics is a nonprofit educational, service, and social organization focused on supporting Central Valley’s secular community.  

The public voices that dominate the San Joaquin Valley are overwhelmingly religious in nature.  

This can be alienating to those people who belong to a minority religion or to no religion at all.  

CVAAS works to be, “A Secular Voice in the Valley,” to act as a counterpoint in order to inject reason and critical inquiry into public discourse.

CVAAS encourages the examination of human rights and ethical questions from a human perspective.  We believe that moral principles are best discovered when they are based on empathy, sympathy, and respect for others. We advocate for the examination of fringe and pseudo-scientific claims through the lens of objective scientific inquiry.

What we do:
  • Create spaces for like-minded secular people to find mutual support, advice, and community.
  • Explain the differences between Science and pseudoscience while promoting reasoning, critical thinking and the methods of science in the areas of education, medicine, and government.
  • Offer encouragement, assistance, and materials to local affiliated and allied organizations.
  • Create quality local events for the secular and skeptical community.
  • Through our regular acts of service promote the idea that one can be “good whout God.”

You can find out more about our upcoming events by visiting us on our
MeetUp Page and on our Facebook Page!

Reread or Resist?

Mail Bag Post:

Do you reread books?

Usually, my mental conversation goes like this:

Hello, book I read ten years ago. I have a huge stack of books I have yet to read... but maybe instead, of reading those, I should dust you off and reread you!

I already know what happens!

And yet... I was a different person ten years ago. I was afraid of different things. I had different goals. I was sleeping with someone else. I was not yet a mother.

I wonder.

Perhaps I have changed, no wait, I know I have changed... have you?

Of course, you haven't changed. You are a static medium. But my impressions of you will have evolved. I have read so much more since I last held you. I have journeyed to new places and my eyes are wiser now.

Perhaps... perhaps you have new things to teach me?

But... could it be that I loved you because of who I was back then, and reading you today would deprive me of that comforting nostalgia?

Maybe it is better not to risk it.   

But maybe it is...

TLDR: Sometimes

Books I have intentionally reread despite the fact that I loved them the first time:

Handmaid's Tale
The Sparrow
To Kill a Mockingbird
History of Love
The Color Purple
Mists of Avalon

(I loved them all the second and third time as well.)

Once more into the breach....

We survived our summer!

(The trip was LONG).

Now I am officially the mother of a grade schooler... and thiiiiiis close to finishing my certificate for Copy Editing.

And... in case I didn't have enough commitments... I am on the Social Media Team for UUCF! And I will be teaching Sunday School again.

There are a few other groups/committees/boards/projects I am thinking about taking on.

Because who needs sleep when you have coffee?

Ok August.... Fall... 2018-19 school year... the Season of Saying Yes... Bring It On!

Taking a (summer) break.

The kiddo and I are taking the following breaks for the summer.

No gym (for me)

No piano lessons (for her)

No calorie counting (me again)

No homework (just her... I still have homework gosh darn it)

No Guilt (both of us)

We have resolved to do art, read books, watch movies, go on an epic (and long) trip together, and do our best to enjoy the month of July.

Catch you all in a month!